AL-001: truth (n.)Edit

  • Page 489

DL-001: truthEdit

  • Page 177

KN-001: <todo>Edit

  • Based on <todo>


  • AL-001:vay-oh-AN
    • Page 489
    • (*Dee, recording the words of Nalvage - It is Vooan. It may be sounded Vaoan. Vooan is spoken with them that fall, but Vaoan with them that are, and are glorified. The devils have lost the dignity in their sounds.) There are two acceptable spellings for this word (see Vooan). When working with earth-bound or infernal spirits, the word should start with Vo (Vooan) - sounding akin to "voo-an." However, when working with Angels, the word should start with Va ("Vaoan") - sounding akin to vay-oh-an."
    • (*Dee - vaoan) see the 48 Claves. Here, Dee uses the "Vaoan" spelling of the word, even though the Vooan spelling was given in TFR. (See Odvooan for the accented syllable.)
  • DL-001: vau-an
    • Page 177



  • AL-001:
    • Page 498
    • Also see TFR, p.80. Here, the Angel Nalvage says of Vooan: "The word is, by interpretation, Ignus vera mater. The vain Philosophers do think it doth beget bodies. But, in truth, it conceiveth and bringeth forth." It seems that Nalvage accuses the "vain Philosophers" of regarding Vooan (Truth) as a male force (begetting bodies), but that Truth is in fact a feminine force (conceiving and bringing forth) - probably associating Truth with Gnostic images of the Goddess Wisdom (Sophia). The Latin Nalvage uses to interpret the word - Ignus ver mater - seems to mean the "Fiery Truth of the Mother/Source."

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