AOM-001: constellationsEdit

  • Pages 34, 37
  • With the V having no meaning, the next three form a Part in ZOM, with the third letter D meaning 'third.' The next two letters EM, can be translated as 9 (the E being the Daughter of Light and the meaning 9 or except). Adding the 9 to the quality of 3 (translating the D) we get 12, of which this word follows. The next two letters IN, is the root of the words: walk, walks; become, they are become. And as walking is the pose the Egyptian gods take to symbolize becoming (and with the hand pointing forward), we can translate these two letters as 'become.' The next two letters form the root of the name of the Serviant Angel Earthof Earth and are also the name of a PART in PAZ. The final two letters are the root of the name of the Sephirotic Cross Fire of Water; also, Daughter of Daughter of Light, girdles, your girdles. We might see in this the Daughter of Light becomes the Daughter of Daughter of Light; the latter being the 12 sacred constellations.

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