Sloane-3189 Table Line 1A Word 2


Sloane-2599 Table Line 1A Word 2


Sloane-2599 Table 1A Title Word 2


Sloane-3189 Table 1A Title Word 2


KN-001: creator (n.)

  • -vah- appears only in the name Galvah
  • va- begins the words vau (to work) and vaoan (truth)
  • a number of words end in -ah, the commonalities seem to be spirit, creator, join, and begin.
  • The shortest known word ending in ah is gah (spirits)

KN-002: someone who ignites something (n.)Edit

Alternate SpellingsEdit

  • In Sloane-2599 this looks like it might be written uah, though this would be written the same way in Angelical either way.

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