Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'semelabugen'


AOM-001: Semeliel, the angel of the Lord within her is bornEdit

  • SEMEL is the root of Semeliel, Angel of Sol; AB means Daughter of Light, and UGEN means becomes or waxes or grows strong. The aggregate of the letters presents the phrase: Semeliel, the angel of the Lord is made strong by the Daughter of Light.
  • Our Lord is the Sun.

KN-001: SemelabugenEdit

  • In this translation Semelabugen is a proper noun meaning "in whom thoughts become strong" or "mighty will"
  • se: might, circle, in this place
  • sem: in this place
  • eme: seal, your will be done, as you wish
  • me: seal, your will be done, as you wish
  • el: first
  • ela: thoughts, to legislate
  • la: first, place, harbor, rich, treasures
  • ab: serve, prepare, provide, govern
  • bu: glory, mouth
  • ug: give, strong, become strong
  • gen: divine power creating angel of the sun

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