Sloane-3191 Call 1 'qaa' #1


Sloane-3191 Call 1 'qaa' #2


Cotton Appendix XLVI Part 1 Call 1 'qaa'


LV-001: of your creationEdit

  • Page 116

LV-002: your garmentsEdit

  • Page 116
  • In this entry (LV-002), the letters each have a space between them (like 'Q A A'), however in at least Call 1 given near the end of the book it is used without spaces between the letters (like 'Qaa').


  • In GMICALZOMA, Vinci gives 'qa an' as an alternate spelling.
Qaada, qadah = Creator

qaan, qaaom,qaaon = in your creation

Root is obviously Q A A, pronounced qua-a

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