AL-001: names (n.)Edit

  • Pages 393-394

DL-001: nameEdit

  • Page 147

KN-001: unique identifier (n.)Edit

  • om (know) + mao (countable) + s (existence(?))
  • This is a slightly different idea than 'name' which is the more traditional translation of this word, but serves a similar purpose.
  • It could be inferred that this unique identifier is numeric - an ID number - but I don't think this is strictly necessary. The key difference, I think, between this and "name" is that this is applied to instances, rather than classes of things (whereas things can share one or more class names, their instance name would be unique).
  • I believe this fits reasonably with some interpretations of Call 30.

LV-001: their namesEdit

  • Page 113

PP-001: <todo>Edit

  • Page xxx




  • AL-001: "I assume that the combination of ao forms the root of these words" (referring to: omaos, dooaip, dooain, and dooiap)
    • Pages 393-394

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