AOM-001: this isEdit

AOM-002: this is itEdit

AOM-003: thatEdit

AOM-004: GodEdit




  • AOM-001
    • defined in the dictionary as 'the Divine Name of five letters.' Ignoring the attribution of Earth of Air or maybe even incorporating it as the lowest part of the airy plane and the lowest plane for spiritual contact (i.e.: where spirit or the Aethyr ends and matter begins), and then attributing "I am that I am" to this, the reduction of two ii's to OiT might then be said to be "This is"; as if the “I am” was referring to the clothes (sheath) it was wearing, and which themselves would be ‘of spirit’ or holy. In another light, this could be said to be the 'three-lettered Divine Name; translated simply as 'God.' The listing for Oit in the dictionary is as follows: THIS IS; THIS IS IT, THAT, which further supports this analysis.
    • There are several keywords discovered in the perimeter: OIT is most frequent and is the initial key from the Table of 12 that gives us our starting place for translation. Keywords are found on the Table of 12 and repeated in the Perimeter Letters. They first give us corroboration that our translation is on a correct track. Any further significance will have to the result of inductive reasoning.
    • Our earlier Qabalistic analysis indicated that OIT shares the same numerical value as the Enochian word for government. Such a correspondence seems to be that the following statement produced by these letters is a divine decree as per the Scholastic philosophers or a statement about the laws of nature from the point of view of the Deist. It may also be referring to the establishment of a spiritual hierarchy.

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