There are several ways to approach translating currently untranslated words and improving the translations of words with known translations. The purpose of this page is to catalog some of the methods available and some of the challenges faced with that method.

No matter the method(s) used in translation, at this point one should be wary of any claims regarding definitive translations. There is a fair amount of disagreement among those that actively work on such translations and virtually nothing is uncontested. This is why this wiki gives equal weight to all translations.

Inductive PhilologyEdit

  • This assumes that the Loagaeth tables actually contain words and not strings of random characters.
  • This assumes that the language was either revealed by intelligent beings to Kelley and Dee or it was invented by Kelley and Dee.
    • Either way it may be possible to make educated guesses the meaning of unknown words based on known words.
  • This assumes that the Loagaeth tables are in the same language as the 48 Calls.
    • Not all authors writing on the subject agree on this.
  • This assumes we know to extract those words.
    • It appears to some that it's possible to extract words out of a left-to-right reading of the tables and making educated guesses about word boundaries based on known words.
    • Could there be more than one way of extracting words from the table?
      • If so, is it a coincidence or could there be more than one valid way of reading the tables?
  • If we take the position that inductive philology is 'better' than revelation does that imply that Dee and Kelley invented the language?
  • Can we use human-language methods of determining root words and affixes?
    • Do these concepts actually exist?
    • Is there any separation between vowels and consonants in a non-human language?
    • Are there only prefixes and suffixes or are there also infixes?
    • Could it would like Arabic where slm is the root of both Islam and Muslim which don't have an obvious shared root from a Latin or Germanic standpoint?
  • Is it possible to apply inductive methods without confirmation bias?
    • Are there ways confirmation bias can be minimized?
      • Perhaps by taking random words completely out of their context for translation rather than doing them one at a time from the beginning?
  • Deriving words from its phonemes requires imagination and a lot of subjectivity on the part of the translator.


  • This assumes there is something capable of revealing information about this language.
  • If we assume that Dee and Kelley received the language and translations from non-human entities then it seems reasonable that others could do this too.
    • This only works if the entities were not purely generated by Kelley's subconscious.
    • It may not be correct that it's possible to contact the same entities.
  • Can we trust that the entities that revealed the 48 Calls are the same entities that revealed Loagaeth?
  • One way of doing this may be to have several people independently seek a revelatory translation of a random word and then have the parties compare what was revealed and only keep the ones that match.
  • Does being familiar with the translations from the 48 Calls color the revelation process?
    • If so, is this good, bad, or does it depend?

Statistical and Computer AnalysisEdit

  • Some problems and questions lend themselves well to statistical and computational analysis
    • Breaking up the Loagaeth tables into words through statistical analysis
    • Do words wrap lines?
    • Frequency of letter combinations
    • Frequency of words

Combined methodsEdit

  • Is it beneficial to try to verify translations received via revelation via inductive reasoning?
    • How does confirmation bias affect this?
  • Is it possible to verify via revelation translations arrived at via inductive analysis?
    • How does confirmation bias affect this?

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