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  • Hi, I am I have been looking for a pdf or JPEG readable copy of Cotton Appendix XLVI parts 1 and 2. And from the snippets posted you seem to have access to one. Could you provide me a link to it? The reason is that I noticed tha Causabon's "Faithful rendition..." made some mistakes when recording the last 5x21 table of the Loagaeth, and I want to see if there are other mistakes. Unfortunately, the jpg I have access to are too blurry since they took several pages at once. Luckily Page 15 was single. The links are at: "" "" Any better links would be appreciated. AV

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  • Perhaps you might wish to set up an equivalent to [1] (I have created similar pages on other wikis I am involved in.)

    You might also wish to switch the badges on for the wiki.

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  • I am developing two of the the Voynich wikis ('long story') - and

    As Dee and Kelly play a part in the VM story - what opportunities are there for cross-posting?

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    • Hi,

      Thanks for letting me know about your wikis, I do indeed think there is some cross-posting opportunity here. I am currently working on determining if reasonable translations of Loagaeth can be created by extracting roots of known words from the 48 "keys". I theorize that there is not only 1 valid translation of each table but several that describe the same events from different perspectives and the work I have done so far seems to support this (though it's not something I am out to prove that or anything - mostly I want to provide as objective a translation as possible wherever that leads).

      about me: I am a 31 year old C++ software engineer. I'm certainly not a professional linguist but language has always been a bit of hobby for me. I have recently been reading up on 'lost' languages and such, specifically I have been reading "Lost Languages: The Enigma of the World's Undeciphered Scripts" by Andrew Robinson and "Writing Systems" by Geoffrey Sampson. My C++ skills have helped me a bit in identifying commonalities in Angelical words, though the tools I have developed for this are still very rudimentary - I need to read up some more on algorithms used by professional linguists and see how I can tailor this to my work.

      I see that cryptography plays a major role in your wiki, it has been theorized that Dee used some form of cryptography when writing down information about Angelical. So far this does not seem to be the case. I have tried a number of different possible cryptography algorithms (some of which were pretty strange) on the tables of Loagaeth but so far they all seem to make the text look less language-like.

      I also see that there is some information about the books of Soyga on your wikis, when I search for shared roots I typically also extend the search to the tables of Soyga and make a not of ones I find there (such as in )

      Regarding Dee and Kelley themselves, I am debating on if I should write pages myself about them or if I should simply link to wikipedia.

      Anyway, sorry for the long message and I look forward to finding specific collaboration opportunitiess :-)



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    • I started off being interested in Wilfrid Voynich himself (who has far less done about him than the Manuscript: my article on him in The History Files is the most detailed biography he has), came across the Voynich wikia, started developing it and thought some of the historical cryptography articles on WP looked interesting so added them in.

      My plan (insofar as it presently goes) involves basic articles with links to WP/any other useful sources, and then develop further later on.

      Don't forget the Dr Dee items at the British Museum.

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  • Hey there! We're excited to have The Angelical Language Wiki as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do, so here are some helpful tips and links to get your wiki going:

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