Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'marlan'


Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'marlan' spelling


AOM-001: Sons of LightEdit

  • This word seems to have the same root as MARB, meaning according; the ending has similarities to LANG, meaning ministering angels or it can be broken down to give us LA, meaning the first and N, the Lord of Hosts.

KN-001: become the firstEdit

  • mar: to apply unto, according to, to crown
  • ar: that, advance upon, whom, peace, become
  • rl: rejoice, alchemical furnace
  • rlan: to rejoice
  • la: first, place, harbor, rich, treasure
  • lan: exalted power
  • an: become, appear, to see, truth, rejoice

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