Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'mal'


Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'mal' spelling


AOM-001: EightEdit

  • This seems to be a shortened spelling of the word MALS, which is the name of the Enochian letter P and means 8 and seems to be implicit in ADAPH and ADEPH.

KN-001: 1000 voicesEdit

  • ma: 1000
  • al: voice

KN-002: iniquity to yellEdit

  • ma: iniquity
  • al: to yell

KN-003: according to creatorEdit

  • ma: according to
  • al: creator

KN-004: place of heavenly fireEdit

  • mal: fire
  • ma: heaven
  • al: place, creator