Sloane-2599 Table 2A Line 1


Sloane-3189 Table 2A Line 1





abímacha vort nalum angenvádah nota geldómcha oxprícaah
  • Based on Sloane-3189 and Sloane-2599, there is some disagreement between these two about characters 18-21 so I went with the ones from Sloane-2599 on which these characters appear fairly clearly.
  • nalum is written nalvm in both Sloane-3189 and Sloane-2599, however in Angelical characters this is the same as nalum which has a more obvious pronunciation.
  • The dots are assumed to be word separators
  • oxprícaah looks like it might be two words in Sloane-2599 but it is unclear. ox is also common affix in addition to appearing as a stand-alone word.



Voices of glory and peace above the flame, the trinity gathers in brightness and strength and creates, via thought, servants to set in governance of the eternal kingdom which is beyond perception. Behold this is the power of the creator.

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