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Line-by-Line Transcriptions/TranslationsEdit

Line 1 Line 14 Line 27 Line 40
Line 2 Line 15 Line 28 Line 41
Line 3 Line 16 Line 29 Line 42
Line 4 Line 17 Line 30 Line 43
Line 5 Line 18 Line 31 Line 44
Line 6 Line 19 Line 32 Line 45
Line 7 Line 20 Line 33 Line 46
Line 8 Line 21 Line 34 Line 47
Line 9 Line 22 Line 35 Line 48
Line 10 Line 23 Line 36 Line 49
Line 11 Line 24 Line 37
Line 12 Line 25 Line 38
Line 13 Line 26 Line 39



  1. Entering into a new state of being, truth that is manifest from truth becomes 12 voices which become fourth beneath the One. Thoughts which are from the One gather those together in the center to become as a base of 12 feet. As is the wish of the One, hands are made for the fourth which are brothers of the feet. The One with many names creates heaven. The power of heaven comes into being over all spirits manifest in this place. Time does not move as this work is done. The 24 are servants of the kingdom and they are given the power needed to begin their service. <still in progress>

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