AOM-001, FOC-001Edit

Ihehusch Gronadox arden, o na gémpalo micasman vandres orda beuegiah noz plígnase zampónon aneph Ophad a medox marúne gena pras no dasmat. Vorts manget a-deüne damph. naxt os vandeminaxat. Oróphas vor mínodal amúdas ger pa o daxzum banzes ordan ma pres umblosda vorx nadon patróphes undes adon ganebus Ihehudz


Ihehusch gronadox arden, o na gempalo mikasman vandres orda bevegiah noz plig nase zamponon aneph. Ophad a medox marune gena pras no dasmat vorts manget a deune damph. Naxt OS vandeminaxat orophas vor minodal amudas ger pa o dax zum ban sez ordan pres umblosda vorx nadon. Patrophes undes adon ganebus ihehudz.



Ecstasy, God’s wrath—the universal mind, this trinity emanating unto the highest heaven; being the Scepter of the Daughter of Daughter of Light will indwell and gathering all unto the eternal cry1 they manifest 8 made by you2, govern the 22 paths of the spirit with the Daughter of Light, receives the 26;3 the Son of Light joins the Daughter of Light4 from the Lord of Hosts; unite to become a thousand angels5. The Daughter of Daughter of light descended of God across many.6 The ruler of the Earth, the 12 constellations. [I will] give in secret appearance one who is cornered7 wherefore, ye are cursed choose to keep this seed of generation8 manifest possess, praises one who resides in the skies9 visits the Holy Spirit, also in them the 22 by 4 leaves the 4 faces of God; being the angelic Children of the Light.10

  1. The seems a reference to the Word, the Logos.
  2. The Sun and the Moon of the 4 worlds of the Qabalah are manifestations of the “fiery angels” of the first paragraph.
  3. This is the “24 by 4”
  4. The holy copulation that generates the sweat-born; cf. Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine.
  5. These, symbolic of the stars in the heavens are combination from the Sun and Moon; the Sun & Daughter of Light—Babalon and the Beast. AL:I.16 "For he is ever a sun, and she a moon. But to him is the winged secret flame, and to her the stooping starlight."
  6. This seems a clear reference to NUIT, who over or “across various” or many (various is the translation put into context); them, as the stars in the night sky, the many that each are her Lord HADIT. The Daughter of Light is then the mistress of Initiation.
  7. The corner being the loins of the Daughter of Light; the apex of the triangle.
  8. That which crystallizes in the Yoni from the first paragraph.
  9. Hadit praises Nuit. AL:II.8 "Who worshipped Heru-pa-kraath have worshipped me; ill, for I am the worshipper."
  10. The fully realized soul or integrated psyche; dual-natured forces of the Sun and the Moon. Also, the 4 Watchers; Guardians of the 4 quarters of the sky.


Ihehusch Gronadox, the one light which brings about existence, bears witness to the trinity, which here is understood as one, and becomes aware of loud praises under the flame of righteousness. A great differentiation appears and branches out within the primordial chaos <in progress>


The Mercy seat featuring "the holy one", calling forth that rejoicing (and) mighty Governor of fortitude (that) forever praises the word emanating from his destructive war of neverness [such as never was] Hail (to) the Grail (whose) torment becomes feigned; becoming that (which is) blinded, over the sacrifice of the precious spirit. Then the twelve secrets of the Zodiack becomes revealed over the prepared masters, Death is called, the 49 most brilliant, and the holy Axe eternally falls; "fire"(and) bitterness over the Ruler. Devastating (but) accepting (is) the Rulers sinister experience of the Mercy Seat.