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JHP-001, FOC-001Edit

zuresk od adaph mal zez geno au marlan oh muzpa agiod pan ga zez gamphedax Kapene go[le] od Semeláburgen donkna fian ga vankran vreprez ádeph arxe drux Tardemah va tzests grapad. zed unba domiól adepóad chieuak mah oshe daph Onixdar pangepi adamh gemedsol a dinoxa hoxpor adpun dar garmes.
  • As transcribed in John Dee's Five Books of Mystery, page 291
  • Note KN-001: This transcription is from the "repeat after me" section of this line rather than being based on one-at-a-time previously given letters, there are a few places where they do not match up exactly.


zuresk od adaph mal zez geno au marlan oh muzpa agiod pan ga zez gamphedax Kapene gole od Semelabugen donkna fian ga vankran vreprez adeph arxe drux Tardemah va tzests grapad. zed unba domiol adepoad chieuak mah oshe daph Onixdar pangepi adamh gemedsol a dinoxa hoxpor adpun dar garmes.


zureskh od adaph mal ses geno av marlan o muspa agiod pan ga ses gampedaz kapkneh go od semelabugen domna phiam ga vankran urepres adepd aze druz tardemah va kests grapad sed khevakh mah osshe daph onizdar pangephi odamh gemedsah a dinoza hoxpor adpun dar garmes



Rushing from the 4th Heaven1 and from the Lord of Hosts, 8 fiery angels2 bring Ave, the Son of Son of Light and foremost of God’s angels3; woe, fire pouring down over humanity4; Ga,5 the angel of the Loins of the Daughter of Light6; from the holy house,7 speaks and Semeliel, the angel of the Lord is born; the Lord of Hosts visits Daughter of Light;8 Ga the Son of the Son of Light9 awakens the eld with beautiful praises of the Lord for the Daughter of light and the Lord of Darkness Vaa, the angel of the 4 moons.10 The Daughter of Light is powerful, making the Lord to Understanding11 within the 3rd Heaven;12 being with Vaa in darkness, the 12 lights13 speaking from there, proclaiming; she who is NOT, pouring down stars from the 3rd Heaven; 3 paths14 bringing fear with strong fire; the Philosopher’s Stone15: Spirit of the Daughter of Light.

  1. Atziluth; the Archetypal World
  2. These can also be translated as 'vessels' suggesting the Chakkras; including the 8th that is the Universal Consciousness or Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Angel ... this being the invisible (or bornless) one places over the head and above the Sahasrara Chakkra. And we might also speculate that these represent the dual aspect of the binue god (Sun & Moon conjoined) in the 4 worlds of the Qabalah.
  3. Because Ave is one of the Sons of Sons of Light assigned to the Heptarchical Kings; ruling the days of the week. Ave rules on Sunday, which is the day of the Sun; consistent with being the "foremost of God’s angels."
  4. The light/L.V.X. of the material Sun and spiritual Sun; respectively.
  5. The Logos made manifest
  6. Ga; the light of the Sun crystallized in the Yoni that is the Universe.
  7. The Starry Heavens
  8. She who wakens the eld of the King
  9. That Ga is called here, the "Son of the Son of Light" indicates that he is the seed of the Son crystallizing in the Yoni.
  10. The moon is the astral light, in four phases; new, 1st Qtr., full & 3rd Qtr.
  11. The Daughter of Light is Binah
  12. Briah; the Creative World
  13. The Constellations of the Zodiac
  14. Salt, Sulphur & Mercury
  15. A Briatic working


There is a great sea of primordial energy and unspeakable time. A fire in the center becomes an intention of consciousness. This becomes the first to bear witness to the great sea. There was no one in the beginning which was separate. Gamphe, which means "The Everlasting Spirit" creates Kapene whose name means “Regulator of time and worker of wonders”. Brought forth in the same manner is Semelabugen whose name means "In whom thoughts become strong". These three gather together and manifest the spirit of great truth to form the face of the flame which is brought about whose true name is Tardemah which means "As thoughts of the spirit of this place" and is the fourth exalted being of pure cause. In the midst of these who have great understanding the lower heavens come into existence which bring together 12 powers in the flowing chaos. Onixdar, whose name means "Power that descends into that place" pours organization into the chaos, as is the desire of the heavens, and creates a bounding area of 26 sides which is the place of the fourth.
  • Based on various translations of words in the JHP-001 transcription