This page is about the meaning of the word Loagaeth, for the contents of Loagaeth see The Tables of Loagaeth


AL-001: speech from God (n.)Edit

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KN-001: Loagaeth (prop. n.)Edit

  • "Speech given at creation" or "Speech concerning creation"
    • Literally something like "Speech given by the unified spirit at/regarding the beginning of creation"
    • Tradition says that Loagaeth was the speech through which creation was brought about, however it is reasonable, in my opinion, to believe that creation was itself brought about through other means and that Loagaeth is sort of log of the things which happened which was recorded as creation took place. If so, creation wouldn't be the effect of the speech, but would be co-existent with it.
    • Of these roots technically only lo (first) + aga (together) + eth (speech) is needed to spell the word, however the meaning lent by the other roots emphasizes the temporal beginning, spiritual, and creative aspects of the speech.
  • lo (first)
  • oa (beginning location)
  • oag (border)
  • aga (together)
  • ga (spirit)
  • ae (give)
  • et (organize/create)
  • eth (speech)

LV-001: <todo>Edit

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PP-001: <todo>Edit

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