Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'kapene'


Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'kapene' pronunciation note


Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'kapene' spelling


AOM-001: therefore, the holy houseEdit

  • CA means therefore, PE is the Enochian B spelled in full and NI means holy; together we get the phrase: therefore, the house is holy.
    • The Hebrew letter Beth means house

KN-001: Kapene (prop. n.)Edit

  • In this translation Kapene is a proper noun that means "governor of time and worker of wonders"
  • cap: successively, while, time
  • ca: therefore, as govern, until, might, whom
  • ap: serve, course, time
  • pe: worker of wonders
  • ne: government

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