AL-001: (unto) Him (prop. n.)Edit

  • Page 284

DL-001: one of the names of God: 'He That Lives'Edit

  • Page 120

KN-001: <todo>Edit

  • Based on <todo>

LV-001: to himEdit

  • Page 107

MOS-001: UnityEdit

  • Page 122
  • As described on page 121, the author has explicitly tried to remove Christian bias and create gender neutrality in his translations.

PP-001: one of the names of God: 'He That Lives'Edit

  • Page 437-438


  • AL-001: ii-AD-pil
    • Page 284
    • (*Dee - Call it IADPIL accent ad) This note is haphazard. However, Dee seems to indicate that the letters ad stand as their own (accented) syllable. This means the I stand alone, and this word has three syllables.
    • (*Dee - Iädpil) See 48 Claves. There is a diersis over the a, to indicate that it does not combine its sound with the initial I.
  • DL-001: yad-pil
    • Page 120
  • PP-001: Ee-ah-deh-peh-ee-leh
    • Page 438
  • PP-002: Eeadpeel
    • Page 438


  • PP-001: 60+6+4+9+60+8=47
    • Page 438


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