Sloane-3191 Call 1 'iad'


Cotton Appendix XLVI Part 1 'iad'


A True and Faithful Relation Page 86 'iad'


Cotton Appendix XLVI Part 1 Call 1 'iad' Translation


KN-001: God (n.)Edit

AL-001: God (prop. n.)Edit

DL-001: GodEdit

LV-001: GodEdit

LV-002: the GodEdit

LV-003: the LordEdit

LV-004: of HimEdit

MOS-001: unity, unionEdit

  • Page 122
  • As described on page 121, the author has explicitly tried to remove Christian bias and create gender neutrality in his translations.



  • KN-001: This does not (yet) seem to be used outside of this one instance not in a compound word, and here it seems to be part of the name of a specific entity. Based on this, I doubt this would be typically be used stand-alone to refer to the typical modern Christian concept of God, the Father, or to the Godhead/Trinity.

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