AL-001: fear (stand in awe of) God (v.)Edit

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  • AL-001: See TFR, pp. 18-19. The Mother Galvah appears to Kelley in a rather dressed-up fashion. Dee asks her if she has put on her holiday clothes, but this is apparently not the case. She replies: "FEAR GOD. My Garment is called HOXMARCH, which in your speech is called..." Dee then replies, "It is Just Wisdom to fear the Lord. We acknowledge it to be an old and true Lesson, and also the first step on the pathway to felicity." Galvah then goes on to reveal the final table of Loagaeth. Take special note that Dee's use of the word fear in this sense (as with the King James Bible, published at the same period of history), indicates "to stand in awe." The concept of "fear = terror" is not indicated by this.
    • Page 276

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