KN-001: Bitwise Letter CombinationEdit

First, get the value for each letter in the word from this table:

Next, perform a Bitwise OR on each letter in the word. For example:

  • Commah = 33442
    • 2 | 32768 | 128 | 128 | 32 | 512 = 33442

With any number generated this way, you can use a Bitwise AND on the number to determine if a letter occured in the original word. For example:

  • Commah = 33442
    • 33442 & 4096 = 0 (the original word did not contain a Q)
    • 33442 & 128 = 128 (the original word contained an M)
    • 33442 & 256 = 0 (the original word did not contain an I)
    • 33442 & 32768 = 32768 (the original word contained an O)

This will not tell you how many times a letter occurred or anything about the sequencing of the letters in the original word, but its useful for cases where you only need to be able to determine if a specific letter occurred in the word used to generate the number.

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