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  • AL-001: jah
    • Page 247
    • (Dee - Gah) One syllable.
    • (Dee - Iah.) See the Five Books, p. 302. In most cases, a g followed by an a makes the hard "guh" sound. However, when this word appears in Loagaeth, Dee notes in the margin that it should begin with the soft "juh" sound. (Remember that i and j are interchangable in Dee's English.)
  • DL-001: <todo>
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  • PP-001: <todo>
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  • AL-001: The way the term spirits is used in Key Six indicates that this word does not indicate lower sprits, demons, fairies, etc. This is further supported by the appearance of this word as a root in two Names of God. Therefore, Gah would represent "pure spirits" or Angels - used in the same sense as we might describe Holy "Spirit." See Tohcoth (nature spirits).
    • Page 247

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