Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'donkna'


AOM-001: the Sun of GodEdit

  • DON is the Enochian letter R spelled in full. In Hebrew, this is Resh attributed to the Sun; our Lord; K translates as of, unto, with, o, oh; and NA is the Enochian letter H and also translates as the Lord of Hosts or Trinity. The DON could be transliterated as the English R and the NA into the English H with the K into the English K; giving us an anagram for RHK (Ra-Hoor-Khuit). We have here then a word translating as Sun of God (not Son of God), which might be said to be the solar rays (as is RHK) with the Unknown God as its hidden power.

KN-001: gather all powerEdit

  • don: gather together, all powerful
  • onc: you
  • do: kingdom
  • on: you, all, power
  • nc you
  • na: power, knowledge

KN-001: the trinity weaves togetherEdit

  • don: gather together, all powerful
  • do: kingdom, which weave
  • on: power
  • nc confound
  • na: trinity, power, knowledge

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