Sloane-3191 Call 17



Ils d ialprt, soba upaah chis nanba zixlay dodsih, od ds brin TAXS (7336) hubaro tustax ylsi, soba iad i vonpho vnph: aldon daxil od toatar. * zacar od zamran; odo cicle qaa; zorge, lap zirdo noco mad, hoath iaida.



O thow third flame whose whose wyngs are thorns to styr vp vexation and hast 7336 Lamps Liuing going before the[e], whose God is Wrath in Angre, gyrd vp thy loynes and harken. Moue and shew yor selues: open the Mysteries of yor Creation: be frendely vnto me: for I am the servant of the same your God, the true wurshipper of the Highest.

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