AOM-001: gathering allEdit

  • Pages 34-35
  • BEVE is the root of the names for various angels in the lexicon, with the final E being the Daughter of Light; almost suggesting the Tetragrammaton, but perhaps one of the Goddess. The V has no meaning in itself (as does the B) and seems to connect the first two letters with the final E. The second set of letters, GJAH, starts with the GJ, a connector that translates as 'with' followed by AH, the root of the names of two Seniors. The Seniors have a male character and this four-lettered root being more feminine in nature, we get the idea of a biune angelic being or archetype. However, the G also has no meaning in itself and may be a connector for the J, which can be translated as the 'Son of Light.' JA is the root for various names and titles of God as well as being the root for: burn, burning flame, flaming, beginning; these all being easily referenced to notions of God. And it may also be the root for the Daughter of the Light. Overall, there is the involution of God creating the fire of the alembic that is the method of the alchemical operation, coagula and reminiscent of the Art Atu. Gathering all might even be a rendering of this, including gathering the ALL.

AOM-002: coagulaEdit

  • Pages 34-35

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