AL-001: to live (v.)Edit

KN-001: to live (v.)Edit

  • api + ila
    • I am not yet sure if this is really an infinitive form of the verb
    • -api- also appears in the words capimali ("successive"), capimao ("while"), capimaon ("number of time"), and capimiali ("successively") and ca- seems to have a time implication
    • -api- also appears in booapis ("to serve") however this seems to be booap+is
    • pil- is the initial of pild ("continually") and pilah ("moreover")
    • -ila is the ending of cnila ("blood")
    • a literal translation might be something like "while with blood", "to have blood" or (very speculativly) something like "to have a pulse"

KN-002: to bleed (v.)Edit

  • a + pil + ila
    • this translation assumes the cn- of cnila is a yet unknown prefix, that a- is a yet unknown prefix, that -pil- implies continued movement of something and that -ila- implies blood


  • apila does not seem to be found in Loagaeth at all however "pila" appears on table 12 (front) and "ila" appears as part of chilad on table 1 (back)
  • apila is only found in the 48 keys in table 4 line 39 as part of the word odapila

Possibly Related WordsEdit

  • odapila
  • cnila