KN-001: manifestEdit

  • -an- is a very common letter combination in the 48 Calls, however a concept of manifestation, appearance, or creation seems to link a number of these words.
  • zamran (appear)
  • vooan (truth), truth can be thought of to be manifest and lies unmanifest
  • Tan (Aethyr) (the seventh aethyr)
  • saanir (parts), manifest things have components
  • qaan (creation)
  • puran (to see), one could make the case to see something it must be manifest
  • olani (to times, twice), ol root (two) + an (manifest)
  • odzamran (and appear)
  • aonio (moment), things are manifest within time
  • noan (to become)
  • gemeganza (your will be done), ie your will be manifest
  • aspian (characteristics, qualities), ie concepts which are manifest in this thing
  • apachana (the slimy things made of dust), manifest from dust


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