Sloane-3188 Table 1 Line 1 'adaph'


Sloane-3188 Table 1 Line 1 'adaph' spelling


AOM-001: Unto the Lord of HostsEdit

  • Choices for this are numerous; the A is a prefix, meaning with; DA means there & DE means of with D meaning 3rd; the P (Pe) is the Enochian B (also the number 8) and the H gives us NA, meaning the Lord of Hosts. We can get from this, of the Lord of Hosts; showing some consistency with the English word, Adept.
    • B is the most sacred letter in both the Hebrew and Enochian alphabets. The Enochian Holy Table of Practice and the Ensigns of Creation shows this quite literally.

KN-001: unspeakable time inEdit

  • ad: unspeakable
  • ap: time
  • ph: in

KN-002: can look inEdit

  • ad: can
  • da: there
  • ph: look, in

KN-003: glory beginning time inEdit

  • ad: glory
  • da: beginning
  • ap: time
  • ph: in