Sloane-3191 Call 2 'abramg'


AL-001: ro prepare (v.)Edit

  • Pages 112-113

DL-001: <todo>Edit

  • Page xxx

KN-001: <todo>Edit

  • Based on <todo>

LV-001: <todo>Edit

  • Page xxx

PP-001: <todo>Edit

  • Page xxx


  • AL-001: ay-BRAY-mig
    • Pages 112-113
    • (Dee 2.14 - Abramg)
    • (Dee 11.33 - Ab ramg. g not as dg) Both a's appear short in this note - however, the pronunciation notes for Abramig (to prepare) indicate both are long. In this note, Dee lets us know that the final g has a hard sound rather than the soft "dg" sound. Finally, Dee's note seems to indicate only two syllables. However, if the final g is hard, there should be a vowel sound between the m and the g - making three syllables. Again see Abramig (to prepare), where this vowel sound is shown as a short i. I have adopted the accent from Abraassa (to provide).
  • DL-001: <todo>
    • Page xxx
  • PP-001: <todo>
    • Page xxx



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