Cotton Appendix XLVI Part 1 Call 3 'aaiom'


AL-001: amongst (us) (prep.)Edit

  • Pages 107-108

DL-001: <todo>Edit

  • Page xxx

KN-001: <todo>Edit

  • Based on <todo>

LV-001: <todo>Edit

  • Page xxx

PP-001: <todo>Edit

  • Page xxx


  • AL-001: ay-AY-om
    • Pages 108
    • (Dee 3.71 - A ai om)
    • (Dee 7.41 - A AI om) Three syllables. The first a stands alone in the first syllable. In the second syllable, the ai or ay makes essentially the same sound as the first syllable (as in the English words dais and say).
    • (Dee 3.71 - a-aí-om) See the 48 Claves. Note the accent on the second syllable.
    • (Dee 7.41 - aaîom) See the 48 Claves. I am unsure why Dee placed a circumflex over the i in this case.
  • DL-001: <todo>
    • Page xxx
  • PP-001: <todo>
    • Page xxx



  • AL-001: This might appear to be a compound of Aai (amongst) and Om (understand). However, see below for Aao, another variant of this word that utilizes the letter o without the letter m.
    • Page 108

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